Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hello World!♥

Hi everyone!

My name is Carmen. Inspired by the beauty bloggers I follow, I'm venturing out and starting up my own. 
Follow me on my adventures through the large and wonderful realm of makeup and beauty. As well as some occasional dabbles with the culinary world. I will be sharing reviews, tutorials and bits and bobs of my personal life.

Looking forward to meeting all of you but for now stay tuned.♥


  1. Welcome and will deff be following you ♥
    Hope to see more of your posts~

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting :)
      I love your nail tutorials!

  2. Hi Carmen, welcome to the blogosphere! Can't wait to read your posts - I love makeup, beauty and food!

    P.S. Do leave your social media links on your blog - I want to follow you! xx

    1. Thank you for welcoming me!
      I'm not really active on social media- but I'll put them up soon.:)