Monday, 29 April 2013

[Tutorial] Cute-ify your iPhone without Jailbreaking!

Hey guys! I was so excited to find this app for the iPhone 'Cocoppa' which allows you to cute-ify your phone without having it jailbroken!
Here is what my phone looks like at the moment:

Isn't it pretty?
A brief tutorial after the jump!

1. Download the Cocoppa app

2. Search for the icon that you want- I just click into 'popular icons'

3. After selecting the icon you want this screen will appear. Click on 'set up link', this will link the icon to your desired app 

4. Search for the app you wish to link with using 'App Search'

6. Select the App

7. You can turn on gloss if you want a 'shiny' look to your icons. Otherwise just click 'OK'

8. A confirmation will pop up and will open a Safari page after clicking 'Yes'

9. This is the Safari Page, follow the instructions on this page

10. Click on the icon to add it to your homepage.

NOTE: Do not delete the original app's. The Cocoppa icons are essentially shortcuts to these apps. I just place all the apps on my home page in a folder so I can find them easily.

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