Thursday, 2 May 2013

[Review] Missha Jewel Star Eyes

I believe that the eyes are the most important feature of our face. As many have said 'the eyes are the windows to our soul'. Let me just put it out there, I'm not very good at using eyeshadow. Everytime I put them on, it looks like a strange mess on me. I am so jealous of those of you who are adept with using eyeshadows, thus I am always on a lookout for a nice all-over-the-lid colour. When I saw these Missha Jewel Star eyeshadows, I was excited to try them as they incorporated two of the things I look for in eyeshadows: easy to use and sparkly (I love bling :P).

The Jewel Star Eyes range come in 8 colours. I picked up 01 Champagne Pink and 02 Havana Coral from the Glow Line.

Image from Rubyruby76 Ebay site

As with most Korean products, the components of the eyeshadow are made with beneficial and nourishing ingredients. One thing I found interesting is that the 'Jewels' are actually made from Ruby, Amethyst and Pearl.

Image from Rubyruby76 Ebay site
The product comes in sturdy glass jars. The product itself is a dense mousse which glides on smoothly on the lids. You would definitely use your fingers to apply this. A brush would either pick up too little or too much of the product.

There is not much colour to these- mostly shimmer. Therefore a little bit goes a long way where shimmer is concerned. The swatches below were with a heavy hand in attempt to distinguish the difference between the two.  Champagne Pink appears to be just shimmer whilst Havana Coral has a slight orange tinge.

Champagne Pink on the lids was just a shimmery mess. I think that this product would probably be better as an inner corner or over another eyeshadow.

Havana Coral provided a subtle wash of coral to the eyes with a lot of shimmer. This would be a more appropriate all over the lid colour but I didn't like the crazy amount of shimmer.

Overall, the two colours I picked out didn't impress me. I guess this is because I picked out colours from the Glow line (/perhaps it is my lack of ability to utilise eyeshadows). The formulation of the product however is really nice. I loved the mousey consistency and how smoothly it glided on the skin. I would definitely try the 3 in the Colour line because of these reasons.

Have you guys tried this product before? If so what did you think?  

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