Monday, 6 May 2013

[Review] Skin79's Sweet Honey Scrub

I love products that appear to be 'au naturale'. I'm a easy target for those people at counters in shopping centres selling and pushing Dead Sea products, with claims of how nourishing and wonderful they are. I whip out my debit card and take home several products, only to be disappointed by the fact that the products did not live up to their claims (they were pretty expensive too!). Now, I've learnt my lesson and try to steer away and avoid eye contact with those people at the counters.

Back on track... when I saw the Skin79's Sweet Honey Sugar scrub, I had to pick it up. It was right up my alley. I like exfoliators, especially those with the little beads in it- I love the way they feel on my skin.

What attracted me to this product was definitely it's name: Sweet Honey Sugar- sounds good enough to eat. That alone sold me. Easily impressed?

What surprised me however was that the main ingredients was not only made up of brown sugar and honey but various oils as well. This only came to my attention whilst I was writing this post. To be honest, if I had know that some the main constituents of this product was oils, I wouldn't have picked it up.
What it claims
'Skin79's Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub results in the acceleration of the skin's rejuvenation process. The ingredients including brown sugar granulated are neutral and non-irritation and provide a deep cleansing action. This scrub with brown sugar and honey will gently improve impure and dull, dry skin for improved clarity and healthy circulation.'

What I Think
As expected of a Korean product, it came packaged nicely. It came in a silver box (which I have since thrown away) and appeared quite luxurious (like a high end product). It came with a tiny spoon (which I have lost but have been using with my own plastic spoon) which was to be used to scoop out the product to avoid contamination. It has a pleasant scent; smells and looks exactly like a blend of honey and brown sugar, I get tempted to have a lick but I daren't try because I have a weak stomach.

This product leaves my skin feeling really soft and supple. The dry patches on my face have disappeared. Initially, I attributed this to the moisturising properties of the honey- I was really impressed. But now that I know that moisturising oils such as Macadamia Nut Oil and Brown Rice Oil are a part of this blend, it makes more sense.

With that being said, the scrub is quite abrasive (the granules are quite big) so I definitely wouldn't recommend using it more than once a week or if you have sensitive skin. I've only been using it on my face, but I feel that it would do a great job on areas of the body where there are dry patches such as your elbows.

Having scrubbed the back of one hand with this product. I can definitely feel a difference between the two hands. The hand on which I applied this mask, feels a lot softer and smoother- you can definitely tell that it has had some nourishment injected into it.
As you can see, I'm almost out of this product but I will definitely repurchase. I'd definitely recommend it to you if you're on the market for a new scrub- it's pretty affordable and is widely available on Ebay.

What scrub/exfoliator are you using at the moment? :)

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