Wednesday, 8 May 2013

[Lifestyle] Throwback: Lee Hom Music Man II Concert in Sydney + Mini Essence Haul

Hi guys!
This is a little different to my previous posts. Today, I will be reliving my very first concert in this post. I tend to shy away from places that are noisy and crowded. Although, when I am in places like the club I do get into the spirit of things. I much rather prefer spending my Friday and Saturday nights curled up with a book in bed or watching re-runs of Friends. I'm a bit of a old lady in that respect.
Sorry if this is boring for those of you who don't know Lee Hom (Taiwan based singer)/ not on this blog for that purpose. But since his concert, the fangirl in me has reemerged. He is truly one of the most down to earth artists. I have been crushing on him since high school: one of the first if not the first Chinese artists I ever listened to. Needless to say, when I heard he was hosting I concert in Sydney, I promptly bought tickets and dragged my boyfriend along. I meant to bring my camera on the day but I forgot :( So we filmed and took photos on an iPhone 5.

It was a gloomy, rainy day. But that didn't dampen out appetite- we went to Fujiya for dinner. We have been wanting to go back for a long long time because of their Eel Friend Rice and Dragon Roll. However, we were a little disappointed this time because it was not as good as we remembered it. I think we were starving the last time we ate here. The last time, we came in a big group so service was extremely slow.

Music Man logo; we were pretty close to the stage..
Panoramic before the concert; amongst the blue and red

Pretty lights and on the piano. I think he performed with about 5 instruments that night. Speak about talent much?!
Haha cute smile.

Concert Highlights
  • Accapella rendition of a mashup of several songs (his voice was heavenly) (youtube video below- NOTE: not my video)
  • Marriage proposal: the poor guy fan was so nervous and shaky but fortunately the girl said yes. Lee Hom then proceeded to jump into the crowd to celebrate with them
  • The male fan who yelled out 'I love you, Lee Hom' and Lee Hom's blank face in response

Needless to say, that was perhaps one of the best 3 hours of my life. Even my boyfriend (who is not a Lee Hom fan) was clearly impressed by his musical abilities.

[insert segway]

The other day I saw Louise's Priceline haul. What caught my interest in particular were the Essence nail polishes. I have seen them in stores before but never picked them up because of their price tag. They weren't expensive in fact they are dirt cheap. I was hesitant in trying them because I have picked up cheap nail polishes in the past and were greatly disappointed in them. Subsequently, I threw them away. I dislike throwing unfinished products away, it makes me feel like I am pouring money down the drain even if it is cheap (I know, I know, they have used-by dates). It all adds up.

I'm not sure how long the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs collection has been out but this is the first time I have seen it. This is probably the cutest display I've ever seen. I loved the Disney princesses when I was younger and I still do now. Snow White was possible one of my favourites. The collection consisted of 7 mini nail polishes each named after a dwarf, 3 glitter topper: Evil Queen, The Huntsman and Prince Charming and a bright red: Snow White.

Sneaky shot of the display. It's too cute!

Having hoarded a lot of nail polishes, I tried to restrain myself. I did it succesfully! 
I picked up two colours: Snow White ad Prom Berry and a gel-look top coat.
Snow White on the nails with Rimmel's Precious Stone in Ruby Crush over the fourth nail.
I don't have a solid red polish so I decided ti pick this one up. Snow White is a bright apple red colour. I was impressed with the quality. I found that one coat was opaque enough and the polish dried fairly quickly. $2 really goes a long way with Essence.
Thank you Louise for the recommendation!
I look forward to trying other products from Essence.

Is anyone else here a fan of Lee Hom? What are your experiences with Essence products?

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