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[Review] Innisfree Olive Heating Massage Mask

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I recently picked up some skincare products from online. One of the products that immediately caught my attention was this Innisfree Olive Heating Mask. To be honest, I'm sucker for products containing olive oil. I buy olive oil hair masks, treatments etc. So when I saw this mask, I added it to my cart without hesitation. 
One reason why I love olive oil and products containing olive oil is because of how versatile and 'healthy' it is for you. As a food product, it is high in monounsaturated fatty acids which have been linked to cardiovascular health and good quality olive oil contains nutrients and antioxidants which can prevent cellular damage. In short, olive oil is very very good for you.

Okay, less rave and more talk about the actual product.

Once again, I forgot to keep the box that the product came in. I'm the total opposite of a hoarder- I like to throw things out. From memory, the product came in a small green cardboard box which looks like it was made from recycled paper. You guys know what I mean right? 

The mask is contained in a small glass container similar to those that hold jams and spreads. The whole vibe from the packaging is that it is very earthy and environmentally friendly.

Asides from olive oil, this mask also contains green complex native to Jeju Island which includes greentea, rapeseed, citrus, cactus and volcanic ground water. This cocktail of ingredients sounds like it would do amazing things for the skin.

The brand also boasts about it's 7 free principles which are no mineral oil, no artificial colours, no artificial fragrances, no triclosan, no benzophenones, no parabens and best of all no animal testing!

What it claims
It is a heating massage mask that contains organic olive extract from the Mediterranean. This transforms your dried and rough skin into moist and smooth.


Smell: As soon as I open this product, there is a distinctive smell of Indian spices. In particular, (I think it may be) cumin. I love curries and the smell of them. But this to me smelt a little bit strange. Reminded me of the chinese medicine that I was forced to drink when I was younger. 

Texture: This has a VERY sticky consistency. It feels like honey but more viscous. When you turn the container upside down, the product does not budge at all. That's how sticky it is. Throughout the mask, there are tiny granules which I believe is what gives the product it's scent- Indian spices.

On the skin: It was really sticky on the face to the point where I felt a little uncomfortable. As I massaged the product in, I began to feel a warming sensation which was quite pleasant. After massaging it in, I left it on for about 10 minutes and washed off the product. My skin did feel really moist- felt like moisture was sealed in. 

Overall: I was a bit turned off this product after my first use. The smell and the texture was just something I couldn't tolerate. However, it did do what it claimed. My skin did feel soft and smooth afterwards but there are other products which smell and feel better on the market which does the same job.

Has anyone else tried this? Did you like the smell and texture of this?
Does anyone use warming masks, if so recommend one please? 

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