Monday, 13 May 2013

[Mini Review] MG Water Cycling Eye Mask

Hi guys, today I will be reviewing an eye mask. I was digging through my drawer of masks and was surprised to find this. I purchased this a while ago when I was in China and had forgotten about it.
I'm not too sure how well know the brand MG is. But they make one of my favourite facial masks. Thus I was excited when I found there Water Cycling Eye Mask and immediately tried it.

The instructions on the back is in Chinese; with my limited knowledge all I can gather is that this mask is meant to be hydrating. 
Trehalose is meant to be the core ingredient in this mask. Trehalose is a sugar found in plants and is used in cosmetic products such as moisturisers. It has hydration and water binding properties as well as being an antioxidant.

The mask is two strips contoured to fit right under the eye. I used the mask as is but I believe that the can also use it when it's warm by heating it in some warm water.

It is recommend to use the mask for 15-20 minutes after which you massage the excess serum into your skin.

Scary obligatory shot with eye masks :P
What I Thought
The mask was cooling and refreshing. It definitely felt very hydrating. However, as I didn't have a problem with dryness. I didn't see much of an effect. There was a generous amount of the serum which I could apply to the rest of my face. 
Overall it was a nice experience, I would definitely use it as a pick-me-up on days when my eyes are tired.

Have you tried eye masks before? What were your experiences?

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