Saturday, 11 May 2013

[Lifestyle] Gluttony of the Week #1

PapaRich opened it's first Sydney store about a month ago. I've been meaning to visit since its opening, we (me and the bf) decided to finally try it last Saturday, however by the time we got there (was only 6.30-ish) there was a massive line of about 50 people outside. There was no way we would wait in that line, it would probably take hours and we were hungry. So we had Korean food instead, which was nice but I was a little disappointed as I already had my mind set on eating Malaysian food.

I was in the area once again on Wednesday and was determined to eat at PapaRich.  My tactic for the day was to be hungry and ready for dinner by about 5pm. Having had a late brunch at 12, by the time 5 rolled around, I was starving. Fortunately this time there was no line and the restaurant was only half full.

The moment I stepped into the restaurant, I knew the food would be absolutely amazing. The interior was European inspired and classy.

Cute decor.
The menu was varied and there was much more on offer than Mamak. Looking at the glossy pictures on the menu was a bit overwhelming- I wanted to try everything!

You fill in a form to order

Dry Koay Teow: really yummy, the sauce was really light; not as overwhelming as it looks

With Steamed Chicken: which was extremely tender
Roti Telur Bawang: Roti with egg and onion accompanied with 2 curries and sambal? Not too sure what the curries were but it was yum nonetheless
Satay Chicken: Not much I can say. It was better than Mamak's in my opinion though.
The experience overall was enjoyable. The food was delicious. This is my new favourite place to eat! I look forward to trying the rest of their menu. One thing that I was unhappy about was that it took 30 mins for our food to arrive; it arrived after several tables which put in orders after us. By the time the food arrived, I had turned into a green-eyed monster.

Do you have a PapaRich where you live? Have you tried Malaysian food before, what was your experience like?

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